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Electric bike news and views

synch blog

Electric bike
news and views

Synch electric bikes

E-biking: a journey towards a healthier life

Discover the joys of e-biking. A simple switch that enhances fitness, enjoyment, and environmental responsibility in your daily travel.
Electroheads 5-star award for synch Super Monkey

Electroheads awards Synch Super Monkey as best eBike under £2,000!

We're ecstatic to announce that our Synch Super Monkey has won Electroheads' award for the best eBike under £2,000.
Synch electric bikes

Pedal power: how an electric bike can revolutionise your city explorations

E-bikes: a game-changer for city exploration, offering eco-friendly mobility, easy parking, cost-efficiency, and a unique way to discover urban gems.
Urban commute | Synch electric bikes

Join the urban revolution: Living and riding in the city with an electric bike

Revolutionise your city life with an electric bike—break free from public transport schedules and costly car expenses. Commute like never before!
Content Contest Winner for August 2023 | Synch electric bikes

Content contest winner – August 2023 | Louise Halt

🏆 Just In: Unveiling the Content Contest Winner for August 2023!
Send us your content and win | Synch

Lights, camera, action! Send us your content to win Synch merch

Looking for an easy way to boost your ride? Well, look no further than our content contest!
Electroheads 5-star review of synch Longtail Monkey

synch Longtail Monkey receives 5-star review!!!

As an electric bike manufacturer, we're always thrilled to see positive reviews of our bikes. And we're especially pleased to read Electroheads 5-star review of our Longtail Monkey.
Ride synch electric bikes off-road and on the beach

Take synch off road

Unleash the ultimate thrill of off-road riding with Synch's Electric Bikes. Discover our 750w range, crafted in the UK with a commitment to power, performance, and a dash of thrill.
Going off road with synch electric bikes

Get involved with our owner referal scheme

As a Synch owner, you are in the perfect position to promote the brand. You are probably being stopped and questioned about your cool machine all the time.