How easy are the bikes to operate?

Riding an e-bike is as easy as riding a normal bike, just a lot more fun! You don’t need to worry about the hills anymore! Use the gears and peddle as you would on any bike and the motor will kick in to give you extra speed on the flat and enough power to cruise up hills effortlessly.

What range do they have?

Between 30 – 50 miles depending upon what level of assistance you use. More than enough for most day trips.

Are they UK road legal?

Yes, our bikes are limited to 15.5 mph and comply with UK legislation and you don’t need a licence to ride one

How old do I have to be to hire one?

According to UK law, e-bike users must be 14 or older.

Where can I hire a Synch bike?

You can hire our e-bikes from our Hire Partners at the following locations:

Cornwall: Wavehunters
Bournemouth: Coming soon

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Although wearing a helmet when riding an e-bike is not compulsory, helmets are available free of charge with all rentals and we strongly recommend that they are worn.

Do I need to book?

Although booking is advisable, feel free to pop into one of our hire locations to check on availability. The bikes book up pretty quickly during the busy periods (school holidays and the summer) so it is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

What do I need to hire a bike?

You will need to leave a deposit in the form of debit / credit card details in case of loss or damage. If you aren’t carrying cards and are paying in cash you will need to leave behind a passport or driving licence. Sorry, if you are paying in cash and do not have these documents you will not be able to take away one of our bikes.

Buy me

Landing on UK shores March 2019 we have three awesome models to buy, all of which you can upgrade and customise to your liking. Get your pre-order in now or contact us to discuss a custom build. Prices from £1,599. Early bird order discounts available.


Hire me

We are developing a network of national rental centres to take advantage of the ease of getting around electric bikes give you. Available to rent for half or full days we’ll be launching our hire fleet in spring 2019. If you would like to become a hire partner please get in touch.