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Electroheads 5 stars | Synch electric bikes

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Oscar Chambers-Smith
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The best fun you can have on two wheels in my opinion.
Steve Hurst
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If you are looking for an exciting experience, buy a SYNCH BIKE. Thanks guys, very much.
Kait Ballantyne
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I adore my Synch Super Monkey. It's a comfy and cool ride!
Richard Jones
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I met the Synch team at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed and after a 1 minute demo I was hooked.

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Life doesn’t always have to be an up hill struggle 😜⚡️
#ebike #ebikelife #uphillcycling #SYNCH
Welcoming @wheelsco.gg to the SYNCH family!  Stoked to have these guys on board stocking our bikes in Guernsey!  If you’re in the Channel Islands then pay this awesome bike shop a visit and say hello to Matt, Sam, Sue and Alex 🤙🏼⚡️🤙🏼
#synch #ebike #newstockist #ebikelife
Putting the FUN in functionality ⚡️
SYNCH S-Cargo with @waveslider_photography 
#utilitybike #ebike #SYNCH
Horsepower - Some behind the scenes footage of the Chariot challenge as captured by ground floor Chris 😉
🎥 @synch_workshop 
#horsepower #chariot #synchchallenge
Challenge SYNCH - Episode 2, the SYNCH Chariot
Thankfully this challenge didn’t require the ocean but was still a whole lot of fun!  Has anyone even ever seen this done before? 
#challangeSYNCH #SYNCH #synchgo #ebikechallenge #ebike
Red or Blue?
#synchgo #ebike #redorblue
Why did the e-bike carry a ladder? To stop climb-it-change 😂⚡️😂
@northcore - apologies,Matt didn’t have a surfboard to hand when first testing the Surfboard Moto Rack 🫣
#surfboardrack #ebikerack #stepladder #SYNCH #SYNCHgo