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Electroheads 5 stars | Synch electric bikes
Oscar Chambers-Smith
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The best fun you can have on two wheels in my opinion.
Steve Hurst
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If you are looking for an exciting experience buy a SYNCH BIKE. Thanks Guys very much.
Kait Ballantyne
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I adore my Synch Super Monkey. It's a comfy and cool ride!

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Monday Blues, and pink, red and greens 😍⚡️😍
#SYNCH #SYNCHgo #ebikestyle
What would your ride to work look like? Downstairs Chris lines to take the scenic route to work 😂
For information on how to purchase your Synch through the Cycle to Work Scheme, please check out our website (link in bio). 
🎥 @synch_workshop 
#cycletowork #SYNCH #SYNCHgo #ebikestyle
Happy Father’s Day to all you rad Dads.
In the end your kids won’t remember the times you spent playing video games with them, but they will remember the adventures! 
Thanks Father and son combo @nickwhattt and @finnwhatt for helping with the reel 🤙🏼 
🎵 @dylaninskip 
#happyfathersday #adventure
You’ve just missed a good crash 😂⚡️😂
Coffee time outtakes, and he didn’t even spill a drop ☕️ 
#outtakes #coffee #crash #SYNCHgo #ebike #fail #ebikefail
Hatching plans with @outlandishcampers ⚡️⚡️
We are lucky to have so many rad local companies around us to work with 🤙🏼⚡️🤙🏼
#SYNCH #SYNCHgo #dorset #dorsetmade
When you send the marketing dude for coffee ……. 
Thanks @ouncecoffeeco for the best coffee in town.  It was definitely hot (and full) when it was bought 😂 
#SYNCH #SYNCHgo #ebike #ebikeadventure #coffee #coffeetime
Spot the SYNCH ⚡️⚡️
Love the irony of our Super Monkey in the back of a 25 year old VW t4, but what a set up for adventure!
#SYNCH #SYNCHgo #ebikeadventures