Terms & Conditions of Bike Hire

I acknowledge that the use of e-bikes can be dangerous and acknowledge the risks involved in their use and I fully indemnify Synchgo and/or its Hire Partner against claims of injury to myself or any third party unless it can be proven Synchgo and/or its Hire Partner did not fulfil reasonable maintenance procedures for the equipment being used.

I understand that by making a booking I am expressly agreeing to the terms and conditions of the hire in entirety.

I understand that I should arrive approximately 15 minutes ahead of my booking and that no refund shall be given (in part or full) for late arrivals.

I understand that I should wear sensible shoes (flipflops are not advisable) and clothing commensurate with the weather conditions/forecast

I confirm that everyone in my group renting e-bikes is a competent cyclist and that the e-bikes will not be used by anyone other than those people in our party.

I agree to follow all laws pertaining to the e-bikes, including all national and local laws and the rules and regulations pertaining to bicycles in the country in which I am riding. I certify that I am familiar with the laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to the use of the e-bikes before riding.

I confirm that none of my group will ride illegally such as cycling under the influence of drink or drugs etc.

Synchgo and/or its Hire Partner reserves the right to cancel the booking without refund of any person suspected to be under the influence of drink or drugs.

 I recognise we will be riding e-bikes which we may not be familiar with and we will therefore exercise care and attention in the use and operation of the e-bikes and that we shall not undertake any manoeuvre that is beyond our level of skill or ability or is unsuitable for the e-bikes capability.

I acknowledge that everyone in my group:

  1. understands the UK Highway Code
  2. understand that we should keep to the left on unmarked roads and confirm that we will respect other road users and pedestrians and take special care around horses, and country roads
  3. will under no circumstances use the e-bikes on public pavements or footpaths
  4. can use gears and brakes correctly
  5. does not have any pre-existing medical condition that would preclude the use of the e-bikes or affect their use of the e-bikes
  6. is in good health and that our eyesight is of the required standard for driving on public roads and are not suffering from any medical condition which is likely to adversely affect the normal control of the e-bike

I understand that we need to tell you now if we are not happy with any of our rented equipment and that if we encounter a problem whilst on a ride we will call you from a mobile phone to report the fault.

I confirm that at least one person in my group can fix a puncture or fit a tube and that I will not receive a refund in the event that any member of our group sustains a puncture.

I accept that in the event that any member of our group is unable to use the e-bike during the hire period due to mechanical failure, a refund will only be issued on the bike affected and only if you could not restore our journey quickly or allow us extra time to complete the journey or help bring us back to base.

I understand that we need to bring the e-bikes back at the specified time and that if we return any e-bikes hired by our group late for any reason this could affect other bookings and agree that we may be charged for the next full hire session for every e-bike returned late.

I understand that I am responsible for all equipment my group has hired and I will be responsible for the payment for any damage to (including third party), or loss of, any of the equipment.

I understand that I should not attempt to make any alterations to the bike as to do so may be considered damage and incur a charge to correct.

I confirm that all e-bikes hired by my group will be locked through the frame when not in use. I understand that in the event that any of the e-bikes hired by my group are stolen, I will be liable for a charge of up to £1,500 unless Synchgo and/or its Hire Partner is able to claim for the loss on insurance.  

The credit / debit card used to make the booking may be used for payment for any damage or loss of any and all equipment hired and this cost will be discussed before payment is taken.  In the event of cash bookings, official proof of Identification (passport or driving licence) must be left before e-bikes can be taken.

Synchgo and/or its hire partner offer helmets free of charge and recommend that helmets are worn by all riders.

Synchgo and/or its hire partner cannot be held liable for any injuries sustained by adults or children in the group as a consequence of not wearing a safety helmet.

The Terms and Conditions are covered by English Law. In the event that any of the conditions listed above are unenforceable then the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.

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