Synch Customer Zone

Whether you’ve just placed an order for your new Synch Super Monkey, or you’re a seasoned rider looking for some helpful tips and info… Below you will find a selection of video guides to help you along on your adventures.

Quick Start Guide

Every wondered what all of the settings on the Super Monkey are for? Let’s show you! This video gives riders an in-depth look at the controls on the bike, offering an extended insight to get you on the road and into your journey.

Battery Charging and care

Your Synch Super Monkey has a very robust battery made up of quality Samsung Cells. However, in order to maintain its optimum working condition, these simple steps offer some guidance to ensure your bike keeps performing as it should.

How to change a tyre

In the event you get a puncture, or your Super Monkey tyre is running low on tread, you may need to change your tyre. We understand this can be quite a daunting task, so in this guide we show you the process step-by-step to get you back up and running!

Upgrading your stock Super Monkey forks to suspension

Thinking of upgrading your stock ‘rigid’ Super Monkey forks to the new Suspension forks? Check out the tutorial video below! This is a very involving task, requiring a broad selection of tools and we do not recommend this to those who are not confident with bicycle building / maintenance. If you don’t feel up to the job of building up  your front end up with the new suspension forks, but would like to make the upgrade, then we would highly advise speaking to your local bicycle mechanics as they could help you. Taking on the task and damaging your bike could result in voiding your warranty. If you’re looking to purchase to the suspension forks, please contact us directly as they are in stock and available as an option when building your bike online at the time of writing. They will be available to purchase on our website as an ‘accessory’ in due course too!