Electroheads 5-star review of synch Longtail Monkey

synch Longtail Monkey receives 5-star review!!!

As an electric bike manufacturer, we’re always thrilled to see positive reviews of our bikes. And we’re especially pleased to read Electroheads 5-star review of our Longtail Monkey.

“The synch Long Tail Monkey is a two-seater cruiser electric bike built with style, comfort and practicality in mind. Not to mention quality, hand-built to perfection in the South West of the UK, this isn’t white-labelled goods, this is gold-star e-bike brilliance.”


Didn’t she do well!?

Read the full review.. Synch Long Tail Monkey review – “A ride so good you can take a friend”

See the Longtail Monkey in action as Electroheads take it for a ride around London

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