250w or 750w?

You may be wondering which motor size is best suited for you? Let’s explain!
Whilst both bikes may seem identical from a specification point of view, the difference between motor size can greatly impact the practicalities and use of your new bike. Commuter, explorer or thrill seeker… we’ve got you covered!


Meet the 250w

Synch Super Monkey Electric bike Beach

The 250w Super Monkey is our most popular go-to choice. Powered by a 36v Bafang hub motor, the 250w bike meets all legal requirements as an electric assisted bicycle. You don’t need a license, simply hop on and go! With a range of up to 40 miles (depending on riding conditions) from a single charge, the motor will electronically assist you up to 15.5mph. That’s not to say you can’t exceed this speed by pedalling, you can! The motor will simply stop assisting you after 15.5mph. Regularly ride in a hilly area? No problem! All of our bikes have a 7 speed Shimano gear system, enabling riders to conquer the steepest of hills without breaking a sweat. It’s often assumed that 250w bike are not capable on hills, but you will be pleasantly surprised! The 250w Bafang Hub motor delivers class leading torque and shouldn’t be confused with cheaper alternatives.

Key reasons to choose the 250w Super Monkey:

Conforms to UK road laws
No license required
Ideal for commuters
Class leading hub motor
Range of up to 40 miles from a 6hr charge
Perfect balance of speed and practicality for daily use
36v 14ah battery for extended range
7 speed Shimano gear system
4″ wide tyres for ultimate traction on all terrains



  Meet the 750w

Synch Super Monkey

Our 750w Super Monkey is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for more acceleration, more torque and a thrill! With a 750w Bafang hub motor being powered by a 48v battery, this bike is for off-road use (with land owners permission) or private land. 750w electric bicycles are not legally permitted on UK roads without registration. Similar to the 250w, it can achieve up to 40 miles range from a 6 hour charge, but can reach speeds up to 25mph both pedal assisted and with the use of an optional thumb throttle. Quick, agile and capable the 750w Super Monkey is an all-terrain machine giving riders the ultimate thrill!

Key reasons to choose the 750w Super Monkey:

Off-road use and private land
Greater top speeds and torque
Ideal for thrill seekers
Class leading hub motor
Range of up to 40 miles from a 6hr charge
48v 14.5ah battery for extended range
7 speed Shimano gear system
4″ wide tyres for ultimate traction on all terrains




So, do you need a 750w motor? A lot of people seem to think faster is always better, if you are in need of more speed or a genuine thrill on private trails, the 750W might be perfectly suited for you. It is possible to go up to 25mph with our current setup, it is however worth understanding that this is an electric bicycle, not a motorcycle. Why do we even sell 750w motors if they are not legal? Well, we have customers with private land and trails who regularly send us video’s blasting through their woodlands and grounds. It also possible to register a 750w Super Monkey for use on public UK roads. This is achievable by putting your Super Monkey through an MSVA registration (EAPC) along with obtaining insurance. We will update this page over the next few weeks with more information on how you can do this yourself. Our 250w Super Monkey is very capable both on road and off-road, boasting a powerful class leading 250w hub motor and an extended range for those ultimate long adventures. With no license or registration required, making this ideally suited for commuters and explorers alike!